Digital Node has been exceptionally busy in March and April delivering the CIC Certified BIM Management Courses to our friends in Hong Kong, British Standards Institute.

As part of the engagement we were asked to support the development and delivery of BIM Management and BIM coordinator courses in Hong Kong, which are being delivered now regularly in Hong Kong due to the current appetite and uptake of BIM in that region.

For those who are not aware, the construction industry in Hong Kong has been slow to adopt BIM and therefore the need for training is critical. Aligning previously to the UK framework, this region is now slowly beginning to transform and understand the relevance of ISO 19650 and its associated processes. 

There are a variety of differing government documents in BIM and rarely a consistent approach, however the Construction Industry Council in Hong Kong did update their documentation to reflect ISO 19650. The CIC BIM Standard is generally used in our training as a framework to the education around BIM, but we are trying to push this region heavily in the adoption and alignment to ISO 19650. 

Future opportunities with this group in this region include delivery of future BIM Management, BIM Coordinator and even Smart Cities training as Asia seems to be the most active in certification toward the Smart City Standards, which we are excited to be involved with.