From insight to action, we champion progressive ways of thinking to positively transform the way you work. We are here to fast track you to being future ready.

The past year has been testing, but at Digital Node we have used the time to really understand what the key drivers are in the AEC industry and how we can help our clients capitalise on what are industry-changing activities. 

As digital strategy consultants we have proven experience in change management and transformational actions, so find ourselves asking what’s next? And the answer is to turn our insights into actionable activities that generate results – and then share these with our clients and the wider industry. 

We are focusing on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, operations, technology, finance and sustainability. Our big-thinking and practical expertise captures value, optimising the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces.

What does this mean? That we are helping our clients become faster, more flexible and intensely customer-focused, through the increased use and understanding of the digital processes at their fingertips. 

Our consultants understand the strategies, tools and processes that businesses need to unlock their true potential. Everything we do is about transforming the way your projects flow, from inception to the point where they are adding value to your bottom line. We enable you to take ownership of your future.

If we look at BIM for example, we help businesses to easily and quickly understand and adopt BIM as a core part of their organisation and accelerate conversion of their digital adoption into valuable business assets.

We provide solutions to support a new digital transformation, instilling the confidence and understanding needed to make better decisions. Our comprehensive BIM knowledge and insight will enable you to make positive change and generate value. We bring clarity to the complex and will help you achieve more.

Which is why over the coming months, we will be rolling out our BIM digest, a series of to-the-point, easy to understand nuggets of information on what you need to do to make your BIM the very best it can be. So that you can go from talking about BIM to taking action and making it work for you. 

Whilst there is a lot of information readily available about BIM implementation, our aim is to make it as simple as possible to digest what BIM means to you and your organisations. 

Interested in finding out more? Contact Digital Node Founder and BIM specialist, Rebecca De Cicco.