As the founder and owner of a small and agile business, building a brand and owning that brand was of critical importance to me. This is why the thought of an acquisition this time last year was something I would never have considered. Something that resonated with me when I started Digital Node – and even from the earliest point in my career – was how do I build a business, work for myself and have a good, sound work life balance. 

As a woman in construction and BIM, I have always felt challenged by this industry. The work/life balance, the lack of female role models, the inadequate conditions and the ridiculousness around unequal pay – all reasons to inspire my entrepreneurial spirit and drive my need to succeed and show other women in the industry how to be strong and successful, but also have a family life. 

Which is why when I was approached by Aurecon to join the group it wasn’t an easy decision. However, Aurecon is not your average engineering business. It has a passion for what it does, genuine compassion for its people and a desire to do good. 

When the idea came about between the two businesses, for me it wasn’t about giving up something that was so precious to me, it was how can this union benefit both parties. Aurecon didn’t offer what Digital Node offers to industry and clients, and there was a clear need to bring Digital Node’s expertise, skill, knowledge, understanding and insight into a very successful enterprise, adding extra value to Aurecon clients and also, with the help of Digital Node, generating new clients in new regions. 

A month (or so in) and it is moving as quickly as expected. As we start to collaborate internally, we are already seeing great benefits to our existing clients, and for future opportunities that are presenting themselves. 

I am excited for what comes next, watch this space, because there is a lot more to come.