Digital Node Director Rebecca De Cicco continues to be involved in both local and international events, and over the coming weeks she is taking part in two influential industry events.

The first, as part of ShowCase SA – a group who host Industry Series events to their members in South Australia. ShowCase SA focuses on supporting leaders of important industry sectors through briefings, keynote insights and behind-the-scenes tours of notable businesses and operations. This group, run by a good friend of Digital Node, Steve Testar, is a testament to innovation in this region and we are happy to be involved. 

On Wednesday 28 April, Rebecca will deliver an exciting presentation on the digital future and the skills we’ll need in construction to sustain the sector’s growth, both locally and on a global level. Coming with international experience, Rebecca will inform those attending on the strategic view of how to be innovative in this field, to support growth for your business. 

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The second event Rebecca will be involved with is the Future of Construction Summit on Wednesday 12 May in Sydney, Australia. 

The Future of Construction Summit will explore how the entire ecosystem of construction will change, how much value is at risk for incumbents, and how companies can collaborate and leverage innovative approaches to create a more profitable and sustainable industry.

Rebecca will be part of a panel session, with Women in BIM Regional Lead Jenny Tseng as well as our friends across industry, including Dominik Holzer and others. The session will discuss the importance of BIM and Digital Engineering and the impact of the evolution and development of technology in our sector. 

This is proving to be an exciting panel session.

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