Personal resilience is crucial for business leaders in today’s current climate. It enables us to face and accept reality, find meaning in adversity and improvise solutions when the path is not always clear.

While businesses are moving through different stages in their own cycles, the pandemic has been a shockwave that has forced many of us into taking risks, trying new things and given us the courage to make difficult decisions.

Digital Node Director, Rebecca De Cicco, recently hosted a panel debate where she and other international female business leaders in the construction industry discussed how, through these uncertain times, they have drawn on their own inner strength to battle against industry, economic and personal challenges.

Rebecca gave insights into what we have done differently at Digital Node to fight the pandemic and how we are connecting and communicating with clients across the globe.

The panel line up also included Elaine Lewis, Managing Director at Cadventure, Marie Grieve, Managing Director at Costello Palmer Communications, Beth Revell, Director at The Blue Iris Partnership and Katya Veleva, the Founder of Blush Cloud.

Elaine began by telling us that she has witnessed accelerated digital transformation and that businesses have had to pivot to be more effective online in order to run efficiently in this new world we find ourselves in, and that the traditional way of office working as we know it is now a thing of the past.

Beth (recovering from COVID herself) said that when she and her business partner set up The Blue Iris Partnership in January 2020, a global pandemic wasn’t factored into their business plan! Be despite this, the fledgling business flourished and they have won significant new contracts, particularly with the NHS in the past 12 months.

And for Katya, her new business venture began in January 2021 – a very brave move to start a new business in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, however Katya admitted this was a long time in the planning and nothing was going to stop her, not even COVID-19. Katya was extremely positive and said we need to look for opportunities rather than placing barriers in our way.

The discussion came to a close as each panel member gave their key take-away for the audience and Marie concluded with never be afraid to ask for help. We are all battling the impact of coronavirus on our economy and society together, as business owners and as a nation we are here to support our fellow business leaders and our teams.

Watch the full debate