On the 4th August, Director of Digital Node, Rebecca De Cicco, chaired a panel debate for the Festival of BIM and Digital Construction

Rebecca’s session was focused on the uptake of the international BIM Standard ISO 19650 across Australia, and she had a strong representation from BIM professionals in this region. The panel consisted of Stewart Caldwell, Director of Russell and Yelland Architects, Toby Maple, Director of IIMBE, Jenny Tseng, Digital Project Manager at Willow, and Sam Harley the Principal for Digital Operations across the Aurecon Group

The debate touched on key areas of implementation, including the way ISO 19650 has been adopted across Australia within the context of the Transport for NSW Digital Engineering framework, as well as the Victorian Digital Asset Strategy (VDAS) and other initiatives. The panel discussed the impact of the release of the ISO 19650 series and how it has been adopted across these varying groups. 

The outcome to this debate was the importance of ISO 19650 in Australia and how it can result in great benefits for the construction industry, as well as how a consistent and consolidated process of adoption can help industry in this region work in a more aligned way. 

Watch the panel debate