Join our webinar for free eLearning insights, The benefits of online training for digital construction, taking place at 9.00am (BST) on Thursday 23 April.

In this webinar we will not only explain the benefits of online learning and how this supports the way we are working right now, but will share with you the vital elements of digital construction you will need for project success and how to access these.

At Digital Node we’re specialist training providers for the construction industry, and our training programmes support the adoption and implementation of BIM and digital construction on building and infrastructure projects.

In today’s climate where we are faced with restrictions on the movement of people, it presents us all with the opportunity to embrace technology. We may not be able to spend time together physically, but we can still, and absolutely should, connect virtually. 

In this webinar Digital Node Director, Rebecca De Cicco, will explain the process of eLearning and why we should all be checking in to virtual classrooms.

Rebecca will demonstrate how the virtual classroom works, the way the training is orchestrated as well as engage in learning activities. 

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