As the world takes another step towards digital acceptance during a time of unprecedented change, how we live, work and learn will become easier thanks to the advanced development of technology.

For the time-being, businesses need to adopt a temporary shift in thinking, particularly when it comes to training. Where businesses would have traditionally received training in physical environments, we can now use technology to host classrooms online in a virtual environment.

At Digital Node, we’re no stranger to virtual classrooms, having run our training programmes virtually for several years – this means we’re pretty slick at it now and, for us, this is business as usual.

For many businesses, with working from home being rolled out globally, this is the perfect time to upskill teams in digital construction methodologies in preparation for future, technology-driven projects.

We recently launched a new series of dates for our Australian audiences for virtual classroom training, and due to demand, we have now set a series of new dates for April and May to meet UK time zones.

Our series of BIM and digital engineering training programmes can all be easily accessed from the home-office or mobile device. Virtual classrooms are live classrooms, delivered by trainers who are positioned in various locations throughout the world. Like you, we’re all working remotely too.

At Digital Node our training team is fluent in BIM and BIM-related processes in multiple regions, including the UK, USA, Canada, China, Japan, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.

Our interactive learning programmes cover a basic introduction to BIM and digital engineering for those at the early stages of BIM-adoption, through to advanced technical application of digital construction processes.

This series of BIM training covers: BIM FundamentalsBIM Management and Understanding ISO 19650.

Our philosophy on training is to always be engaging and open with our trainees – creating an inclusive and interactive learning environment.

Now is a good time to learn new skills, refresh your knowledge and up-grade your organisational understanding of how digital construction can offer efficiency savings and reduce risk, to bring in projects on time and within budget – something we’re going to need now more than ever when the world recovers from the devastation of coronavirus.

To learn more about our virtual classroom training and book your place, go to the training pages on our website or contact our training team.