We have released ISO 19650 training courses on our new Digital Node online training platform, which we have developed with our training partner Global eTraining (GeT).

The ISO training will educate you in the practicalities, concepts and principles of the new International Standard ISO 19650. We currently deliver this course as in-house, face-to-face workshops and in our virtual classrooms, so it’s exciting for us to now be able to offer our clients another means of fulfilling their training needs.

For companies working internationally and those looking to consolidate their approach toward intelligent Information Management, this course is a step-by-step guide to the way a project would be managed in-line with ISO 19650. This course is not only relevant to those working with existing BIM standards (such as the UK Suite), but also to those looking to upskill their teams on the language and key themes that exist within this Standard.

The ISO 19650 course is the first of many planned for delivery via the online platform and is just the beginning of the development of a complete Digital Node library of BIM curriculum, all accessible via the GeT Generator.

Plus when you subscribe to this course you also get access to the GeT Everything Library’ – this is a substantial collection of online training materials for the construction industry. It includes training courses such as those for Autodesk products, Bluebeam products, BIM and Global BIM Standards.

To find out more about our new online platform and book your Digital Node training, contact Benjamin in our training team.