The release of ISO 19650 brought about great excitement and interest in the BIM community and that’s why we have introduced virtual classrooms, online and inhouse training relating to the new standard.

Not only is this important for the construction industry in the UK but also globally with our clients located all over the world. This is also especially relevant for companies with a global reach, with offices in other locations.

We believe that via our virtual classrooms we can assist those organisations looking to move to using ISO 19650, and with our expert guidance we can provide the tools needed to enable you to implement the standard effectively.

Our ISO 19650 training has been developed to provide a framework for BIM in the following ways.

  1. You will be able to discuss BIM in the context of a project which aligns to international language. In turn this will promote and grow your business, allow you to work with larger clients.
  2. Working with ISO across different regions will allow your company to learn about the regional differences in BIM and therefore be able to offer services in that region.
  3. You will gain an understanding in the importance of consistency in language and process. This is crucial for those regions that have little or no BIM guidance.
  4. Work to deliver a ‘project according to ISO 19650’ with the project management tools embedded within the ISO.

It is important to note that many countries in the world have been looking to the UK and using PAS 1192-2 as guidance for BIM delivery. These countries will look heavily to the UK for future guidance (and will continue to do so) as there are no other resources or guides to move to. In Australia/NZ for example this is especially true with groups such as Local and state government departments driving the BIM agenda with these standards. This is why the UK national annexe although UK specific may actually support other regions too.