In 2018 we announced a new strategic partnership with NBS, a provider of innovative specification and information solutions to construction industry professionals.

In the past few months we have been assisting NBS in reaching out to manufacturers and specifiers throughout Australia, who are in their early BIM adoption stages, to support their understanding of BIM and new digital construction processes from product development through to completion of a built asset.

NBS is an industry leading specialist in digital construction on a global scale, and creator of the NBS National BIM Library and the widely adopted NBS BIM Object Standard. Both of which are now available to businesses internationally who are in need of support for development and use of BIM objects.

Australia overall is at a crucial turning point when it comes to BIM. There are many private and public sector clients discussing BIM in the context of the construction industry however there has been no formal or government led policy on ruling BIM delivery, until now.

Now as a country we get it, we understand the benefits and efficiencies of this new and improved digital way of building our places of work, our homes, our infrastructure etc and its businesses such as NBS who are leading the charge to helping businesses working smarter and working safer.

Together Digital Node and NBS are pushing the BIM agenda forward with an aim to making Australia a leader in the digital construction stakes.

In the coming months we will be releasing more details on NBS services for manufacturers and specifiers in Australia – it’s going to be an exciting year for those of us passionate about BIM in the Australian construction market.

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