Digital Node has won a new contract to curate and deliver BIM training for Kellogg Brown and Root Pty Ltd’s (KBR) Infrastructure Services division in Australia.

As a global digital construction consultancy and training provider for the construction industry, supporting the industry leaders in the built environment in their uptake and knowledge of BIM is our ultimate mission.

We have tailored our BIM courses to KBR’s strategic vision, enabling its staff to expand their knowledge and expertise in BIM and Digital Engineering (DE). This winter we have been delivering training in BIM Management, BIM for Executives and ISO 19650, and we will continue to support KBR teams into 2020.

Our remit is to provide engineering and construction professionals across KBR with knowledge and expertise on advanced digital solutions on projects, as well as training and education in BIM/DE implementation and management processes to achieve greater efficiencies throughout the design process.

Rebecca De Cicco , Director of Digital Node, has been driving the KBR training and has personally – together with our training team – delivered courses across KBR’s offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.

Rebecca, who has always had a keen interest in how the digital economy impacts on the built environment, commented: “KBR operates in over 40 countries and understands, as global demands change and markets transform, that it needs to remain at the forefront of delivering innovative services by having the most insightful and skillful team. At Digital Node, we’re supporting its continual development and helping to maintain its status as one of the worlds top engineering solutions provider.”

IMG: John O’Neill, Melbourne from Waterfront City, Docklands Pano, 20.07.06, CC BY-SA 3.0