As we enter a new year – not to mention a new decade – we have many exciting things to look forward to.

At Digital Node, we’ve always been committed to growing our opportunities and expanding into new territories. We are fortunate enough to be able to work with some amazingly talented people and pioneering businesses in countries such as Australia, UK, US, China and Canada.

For 2020, we’ll be expanding further into new territories as we continue to provide essential education and training to support building and infrastructure projects across the globe. A year after the introduction of the international standard ISO 19650, it’s now time to take this to mass market. We see great opportunities to educate our clients in this space.

As specialists in the implementation of BIM processes and technologies on client projects, in 2019 we worked with several clients in the US in support of their BIM adoption process and undertook BIM Management roles. This region in particular is currently seeing rapid growth in the digitisation of construction processes. It is an area where we’ll be spending more time in the coming months, introducing businesses to the benefits of working to the ISO 19650 standard.

When it comes to our education and training platforms, we’re planning more bespoke training programmes for in-house delivery to clients in Australia and the UK, as well as continuing to support the British Standards Institute (BSI) by delivering BIM training in both China and Japan.

We have virtual and online training, which can be accessed anywhere throughout the world. New for 2020, we’ll be launching a series of online courses in partnership with Global E Training – more to come on this later!

As we move into this decade, we will continue to do what we love: supporting the global construction industry in its BIM implementation, and guiding businesses in their understanding and use of ISO 19650.

We have to admit, we’re excited for what 2020 will bring and look forward to a busy year ahead!